Gun Dealer Credit Card Processing:
Free Fast Gun Merchant Account Set Up
Free Gun Credit Card Processing Fraud Protection
Free Internet Merchant Account Web Link/Shopping Cart
Free Credit Card and Check Processing Set Up
Free Firearms Dealer Merchant Account Set Up
Free Gun Credit Card Processing & Check Batch Processing
Free Gun Dealer Online Check processing Set Up
Free 24 X 7 Gun Merchant Service Support
Free Virtual Terminal with Gun Payment Processing
Free Secure Processing Server with Free Shopping Cart
Free Unlimited Gun Credit Card Processing Users
Free American Express Gun Credit Card Processing Setup
Free Instant Gun Credit Card Processing Verification
Free Real-Time Gun Merchant Account Reporting
Free Email Receipts to Customer & Gun Merchant
Free Gun Dealer Duplicate Transaction Prevention
Free SSL Secured Order Pages With Merchant Services
Free Gun Store Address Verification Service (AVS)
What Our Customers Say !
I tried another firearms merchant account
company and they shut down my account
when they learned I did online auction
sales. I learned about ETI on one of the
gun forums and I'm very happy with them.
Internet Processing
The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™
enables you to automatically accept, authorize and process secure credit card
orders directly through your web site or
virtual terminal. No software or hardware is required and you can process from any internet connection.
Phone/Mail Order
Turn your computer into a credit card
terminal. Use any internet device to connect to the internet and process credit
cards. No software or hardware needed to process credit cards anytime using any
computer, internet connection, palm pilot, cell phone etc..
Gun Merchant Account
Firearm, Ammo and Gun dealer Credit Card
Processing with a Second Amendment
Friendly Processor !. U.S. Gun merchant
accounts for any legal Federal Firearms
License holders. We've been processing for gun merchants for years for both internet and retail gun dealers!
Retail Merchants
State-of-the-art technology for your physical storefront. The perfect solution for traditional businesses looking for a faster, easier way to authorize and manage credit, ATM, and check guarantee transactions. Get the lowest processing rates available if you business swipes
Wireless Mobile Processing
Process secure transactions from almost
anywhere in the US using a wireless credit
card terminal. Excellent for merchants selling at trade shows and swap meets etc. The US Wireless Network is our choice for wireless processing which covers over 90% of the USA.
Free Shoping Cart Solution
NEW: Learn about our free e-commerce
shopping cart solution that comes with a
secured server and cut and paste order
pages using our web link wizard
Retail Gun Merchant Accounts:
Free Merchant Account Application & Merchant Account Set Up
One Hour Approval on Most Retail Merchant Accounts
We Can Beat Any Payment Processing Rates
Touch Tone Telephone Credit Card Processing For Merchants
Same Day Merchant Account Approval & Set Up Possible
Special Rates for Debit & Check Card Processing
Very Low Cost Pricing For Large Retail Merchant Accounts
Special Pricing for High Volume Merchant Accounts
Special Rates for Gov'T & Corporate Credit Card Processing
Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Terminals at Wholesale Cost Pricing
24 X 7 Toll Free Merchant Account Support Help Line
No Bait and Switch, Games or Crazy Rate Increases
Credit Problems and Bank Turn Downs Understood
Call a Live Person with Questions for Help
Bank Member of the FDIC and V/MC Associations
Portable, Wireless Credit Card Terminals Available
Pin Based Debit Card Transactions
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We provide firearm friendly credit card processing and gun dealer merchant services. Our internet gun processing set up is free. Firearms Friendly Credit Card Processing - Gun credit card processing and gun merchant accounts to firearms merchants. We cater to the needs of merchants who need firearms credit card processing and have a U.S. FFL.. Gun Merchant Account Credit Card processor for Online Firearms Sales provides firearms merchant accounts and firearms credit card processing to gun merchants who need gun merchant services to accept credit cards. Firearm Credit Card Processing is available to both retail firearm merchants and online firearms dealers. Gun dealer merchant accounts and FFL credit card processing to accept Credit Cards available to merchants with their Credit Card Processing since 1989 - This web page is about Gun Merchant Accounts, Hypercom Credit Card Terminals, Internet Credit Card Processing, Virtual Terminals, Card Swipe Terminals, VeriFone Terminals, Website Payment Processing, Secure Payment Gateways, Wireless Credit Card Terminal and iPhone Credit Card Processing. covers the U.S.A.: - Internet Credit Card Processing - Firearms Merchant Account.